air bubbles when vacuuming

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air bubbles when vacuuming

Postby saltwaterpool » Mon 03 Sep, 2007 18:17

I have an 18000 gallon above ground salt water pool. Two years old. Everything fine until this morning. When I try to vacuum (manual vacuum) there are bubbles in the pump within 1 minute and within 3 minutes I have to completely stop. I checked the vac hose for holes - none, and can't find anything anywhere else. Any ideas?

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Postby mr_clean » Mon 03 Sep, 2007 19:38

If you primed vac hose before hooking up to skimmer and your pump still does not keep prime, it's the vac-hose.
You can retest it, by leaving vac-hose in water (primed) when pump is reprimed hook it up again. If it happens again vac-hose.

Postby chrisinspring » Thu 06 Sep, 2007 16:16

Tighten the pump lid or re-lube the lid o ring. The air leak is coming before the pump.
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Postby nobody in particular » Sat 29 Mar, 2008 02:44

Happened to us, too. Turned out our overflow pipe wasn't working right, so air got in that way.

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