switching from synergy

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switching from synergy

Postby edhoff » Tue 11 Apr, 2006 19:29

I had an inground pool installed last fall. The pool company set it up on the synergy program. I have decided not to use this system or purchase chemicals from this company. As expected they are telling me that I cannot switch off of their program. Can I just start using basic chorine and shock or is there something I need to do to purge my system?

Pool Boy

Omni Synergy help

Postby Pool Boy » Wed 12 Apr, 2006 15:33

Synergy is chlorine. I think they use boron in the startup but the "program" is to lock you into their chlorine range.

Just switch over to the chlorine you choose. After all Omni sells a range of chlorine sticks and shocks all compatible with their "Synergy System".

Out of curiosity I found some info on the Synergy tabs and they are regular trichlor tabs (document here).

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