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Professional Repair

Postby MomSki » Thu 06 Sep, 2007 16:59

We bought a home 3 years ago with a pool. We knew it would need some repair in the somewhat near future. That time has come.

The concrete apron has buckled (it was buckled when we bought the house) and we're sure there are leak(s) in the pipes underneath. I'm 90% sure it needs a new linver.

I have contacted several contractors for estimates. I'm not sure what questions to be asking. I have pre-checked the contractors for such things as years in business; complaints with bbb; license number; insurance, etc. Am I missing any big questions for the competency of the contractors?

I am more clueless as to what questions to ask with regards to the pool repair itself. Is there a book that I should be referring to? Is there a standard questionaire?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Postby mr_clean » Sat 08 Sep, 2007 14:50

sounds like you are doing everything correct, maybe ask to talk to 3-4 customers they have done jobs for and you will know their opinions.

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