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Postby RODNEY » Fri 07 Sep, 2007 09:27

We are currently having a pool installed and it has been a nightmare from the beginning, but now we are facing a major problem and i need some advice from all of you. The return going to the steps has 3 jets and the are barely pushing any water out on high speed from the pump, the 4 bar stools that are in the pool have jets on them and are not working at all. Now the spa has 6 jets and they are all working good. The pool guy says he has one 2 inch line running all of the returns. He said he talked to an engineer and he said it would be fine to only have one line for all. Now that the concrete deck is poured he is saying the only way to fix is to bust the concrete up in sections and isolate the returns. My question is that can i live with it or not, i mean will it be enough to circulate the pool for filtering, oh before i forget i do have one more return that is plumbed off the same 2inch pipe that seems to work fine on high but not so good on low speed, i do not want to run my pump on high all the time, i was told that you only run it on high when cleaning and run low to filter, the pool guy says opposite. What should i do :( :(

pool user

Postby pool user » Fri 07 Sep, 2007 12:58

you can run on high speed or low speed your choice when running filter.
It is suspose to save you money on low speed even though a liitle longer running filter do to less electrical output.
you can figure out times to run filter at both speeds. If your high-speed gpm(gallons per minute) is say 80gpm you divide
pool gallons div gpm div 60mins = how many hours
this is to turnover/clean pool 1 time same for low speed
remember you could need a liitle longer taking in to account bather load, dirt in pool, etc.
when cleaning pool high speed for vacuuming

For your return problem, you say everything is on one 2" line, but do the returns to pool have any kind of individual valves to certain sections allowing you to control them? Example you want more when sitting on stools so you make adjustment with valve?

When you talked about spa jets working fine, this is when your in spa mode only? They should not be working when in pool mode. You should have ortega valve to make choice. When in pool mode you should only have one return line pushing water into spa for circulation and spilling into pool.


Postby RODNEY » Fri 07 Sep, 2007 13:52

No they are not on individual valves, and the control panel is on pool mode now(installer is not finished with that part of it yet). The spa jets work fine and the blower works fine, its just the jets in the steps and the bar stools, he said he plumbed one 2 inch line for all, said he talked to an engineer.

pool user

Postby pool user » Fri 07 Sep, 2007 15:43

I have seen this type setup work when proper pipe size has been used.
The engineer must have calculated the pool hydraulics wrong or return lines would work correct.
I would not except this work and live with it and you should not have to pay extra money for anything they have to fix to make system work correct.

heres a site that gives the break down the engineer would have to use:

www. theapsp. org/docs/chapter_4. pdf

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