winter pool covers

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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winter pool covers

Postby strider » Sun 09 Sep, 2007 15:37

I have a 15 foot inground pool. Should I use a solid or a mesh cover. The pool is located in montreal canada. Very long and cold winters here.

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Pool Enthusiast
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mesh or solid

Postby Curt » Wed 12 Sep, 2007 06:01

Mesh covers are safety first. They allow silt and sunlight to reach the water. Besides the safety benefit, a mesh cover is the easiest to remove. It does not require cleaning and may be folded and stowed while wet.

A solid cover will keep your pool clean however, it must be cleaned and dried before stowing.

Mesh safety covers cost several thousands of dollars and solid covers cost several hundres.

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