solar heat brand comparisons

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Cold in Cincinnati

solar heat brand comparisons

Postby Cold in Cincinnati » Mon 10 Sep, 2007 14:07

I'm surprised there aren't more consumer reviews and comparisons about various solar heating systems. For instance, Enersol is a name I've seen on the forum, but how does this compare to Vortex from solardirect? Or Sungrabber which is all over ebay. Or Sunheater by Smartpool. We plan to buy a system and install it ourselves ... using a rack on the ground for our above ground 15 x 30 pool. How hard can it be, right? Prices seem to vary between $500 and $2,000. But there are many brands, and surely some are better than others. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Dennis Olmezer

Postby Dennis Olmezer » Tue 11 Sep, 2007 07:37

All solar panels work very well, in fact there is very little difference in the end result temperature to your pool between the best overall " btu " producing panel and the least btu producing panel assuming you have the same square footage of surface collector area.

I realize this may sound complicated but it is important to not compare exterior dimensions of panels.

Some manufacturers have panel dimensions that have larger exterior dimensions that are 5 to 12 % smaller when you compare the actual collector ( the area that absorbs the suns heat ) surface area. A 4 x 12 panel may appear to be 48 sq ft but actually only have 45 sq ft of collector surface area. This times 8 or 10 panels can equal or exceed an entire panel, 10 to 15 % or more overall performance.

The greatest differences are truly in three different categories.

1) The manufacturer and the GENUINE warranty. Get the actual warranty from the manufacturer and review it for exclusions and exceptions.

2) The proven track record and lifespan. How long has it been around and can it withstand your weather climate year after year.

3 ) Who are you actually doing business with. How long is the company in business and are they licensed and insured.

I recommend Pools

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Dennis Oldgeezer

solar heat brand comparisons

Postby patrickspools » Wed 07 Oct, 2009 09:56

well I can tell you from personal experience not to buy the sun grabber. Yes they heat the pool but they only have a 1.5 inch header and they crack and split over the winter and you'll have lots of little leaks every spring.....not leaks from the connections...actual holes in the collectors. And it does not matter how well you winterize them.

solar heat brand comparisons

Postby Phoenix » Thu 22 Oct, 2009 17:48

Anyone looking to for a system in Arizona and California, do not even consider a company called Performance Solar. The system is completely undependable (7 service visits in 2 and a half years for leaks and breaks) plus the company's requires a credit card in order to even schedule service and are quick to charge (particularly if you are not home at the time the service is performed). They do not even have the courtesy to let you know that their service people were there by leaving you a work order or invoice on you door.

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