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Re: Sand in pool

Postby Steve-O » Fri 27 May, 2005 20:54

algopher wrote::?: We just finished cleaning up the pool for the first use, week or so off. Anyhow, less than two hours after vacuuming we noticed some sand in the bottom sort of in line with the return opening. Everything looks normal except that there is a little piece of what seems to be black rubber in the little louvers on the return port from the filtering system to the pool that we can't pull through the louvers. Could this be part of something that could be defective permitting the sand from the sand filter to come out?
I appreciate all the help I can get and thanks in advance.

John 8)


Postby Guest » Thu 02 Jun, 2005 10:56

sounds like it could be part of the spider gasket. This is located inside teh filter valve (on top). Most pool retailers carry replacements, and tehre not too difficult to change

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