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I'm new here
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Liner too big

Postby kimberdawns » Fri 14 Apr, 2006 00:35

Well, We just started working on our above ground pool this weekend....we had ordered a new liner online and got a pretty good price for when we started to install the liner, I noticed it seemed really I asked my husband if he measured it right and he said that him and his brother measured it and it was 28 feet....well, I decided to measure it I measured and wouldnt you know it....24 feet :evil: ...they completely measured it wrong...I freaked out...I was so mad..we had already been working 3 days of our vacation to get this liner in and now it was we called a local pool store and asked their advice...they told us that we could still use the liner...but we would have wrinkles and alot of extra liner over the edges that would have to be we did as they said...because we couldnt spend the shipping to send it back and start all over again..this pool has cost us way more than we anyways...we almost have it filled up and it seems just isnt as pretty....I was just wondering if anyone has ever had the same problem or maybe could give me any ideas of any future problems that could arise from the liner being too wrinkled...I know vaccuming it will be a pain....Sorry for rambling on so much....


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I'm new here
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Postby ecugyrl » Fri 25 May, 2007 21:14

Hey, new to the forum here, but that exact same thing happened to us. But the pool place we ordered the liner from would not accept a return and it was supposed to be beaded but we just made it an overlap. We are going to start slowly filling it up now. Did your walls buckle or anything like that? This pool is costing us more than we expected.....frustating.

Same here!

Postby KFS » Tue 29 May, 2007 12:06

Welcome to my world!

In our case my otherwise handy DH measured th wall wrong last fall when we disassembled this (used but new to us) pool.

This spring when I went to order the liner he assured me the walls were 48" tall.

We spent hours upon hours (days really!) putting the pool up, perfecting the sand, laser leveling everything and got our new beaded liner in beautifully. Put our 8" of water in and everything was gorgeous.

Pool water people dumped about 1,000 gallons of water in the pool and THE WALLS BUCKLED!

I was freaking out. Literally shaking. It was still quite some time before we cracked the "mystery." In conversation I said something about the 48" walls and DH says - all innocence - "they're 52"

If I didn't love him so I would cheerfully have strangled him.

So I can tell you with authority that a too-small liner will most DEFINITELY drag the walls down.

I cannot return it (not the manufacturer's fault we can't measure!) so I have a brand new liner in the garage and a new liner on order.

It could take weeks to arrive so we are willing away the pool season with a very expensive sand-pit in our backyard ;)

Let's hope we are all "in the swim of things!" soon!


Postby KFS » Tue 29 May, 2007 12:08

Wanted to add that the only problems I have heard of with a "too big" liner is wrinkling and dirt.

You will end up with dirt build-up in the "wrinkles"

I say that's when you send the kids in with towels and soft toothbrushes right?

If your local pool retailer told you it would be fine - I'm sure it will be.

Happy pool days!
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I'm new here
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Liner wrinkled

Postby skrobinson » Fri 29 May, 2009 11:59

I believe my liner was the correct size, but we did have some wrinkles around the top of the wall last year after the new liner was installed. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but this year before I could get the pool completely open the liner ripped right where all the wrinkels were and we lost all of the water. I have tried to get the liner replaced but have been told a rip that large is not covered under the warranty. I'm in the process now of trying to get ahold of the installers to see if they can do anything.

Sarah Robinson

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