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New pool owner and need questions PLEASE

Postby guest » Fri 14 Apr, 2006 00:36

I purchased a above ground pool and it was installed last Monday, I have finished filling it by the way the book told me to, now I have now idea how to start the pump, I am going to a pool school on the 22nd of this month but I need to get this going before then. I have boxes of things like a vacum and hose, skimmer, thermometer ect ect,,,What i bought is a above ground 24 ft pool can anyone help me to figure out what to do, reading the pump papers it scares me because it says things about having the pressure to highor low can cause troubles and mess up the pump. I don't want to do that for sure. I tried to type this message in the name I joined as but got a debug mode message so I came in as a guest. Thanks in advance.


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