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Postby sallee » Mon 17 Sep, 2007 19:35

mr_clean wrote:What I was saying is that the spider gasket seperates the different functions that the multiport valve has, so if it is bad you would not keep seperated and more than one thing could be happening.
Example when in normal position with pump running does it leak water into backwash trap where water goes when backwashing? The trap would be near-by above the ground. If you backwash and can not see this only hear it, then your pipe goes directly into ground to main sewer line.
Some people even have it just shoot into garden.

Check to see if there is a closed or partially closed valve along your return piping, open the valve.
Did you replace sand with same amount and use silica sand?

Yes....I replaced 300lbs of silica sand with the same amount &type. When i picked up the MPV from the pool place they told me that they noticed nothing unusual with it...they lubed it all up...when I came home and put all back togather, I got the same....32psi on filter and recircutlate. My waste line is piped directly into the sewer line. I dont hear any water in the back wash line and actually disconnected the backwash pipe from the MPV....there was no water leaking into the backwash with it on filter. By the way....should I have any pressure when its on recirculate? As I said before, I have 32 - same as on filter...backwash I have about 8-10ish.....I have a friend who says he can bring over his electrical fish line this weekend so that we can double check the return line...I am just not sure what else to do....
Any ideas???....Have I missed anything???

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Postby mr_clean » Mon 17 Sep, 2007 20:59

sense you stated MPV is good and you inspected inside of filter and it is good I would try unclogging return lines again. You can go to a return and unscrew pvc with swivel/eye and find out size of it. Then count returns so you can buy pvc caps for them, then you can blow out each one seperately.
I think using drain king could work but a air compressor would have more power.
you can also replace filter gauge and know it works correct.

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