Wrinkles in 1-Year Old Liner .... What Causes it?

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Wrinkles in 1-Year Old Liner .... What Causes it?

Postby Anna » Tue 18 Sep, 2007 07:20

Read some of the questions and just wondering if there is any validity to the comments that lack of pool chemicals (or rather, not a continuous level of them) can cause a new inground pool liner (<1year old) to start wrinkling?

Company used to install the liner pointed their finger at the manufacturer and the manufacturer's immediate answer was to come look at it, take a water sample and straight out state 'it's the lack of chemicals' and can do NOTHING about it ??

Is there any recourse or alternative anyone can suggest considering the cost of the liner was several thousands of dollars?

Your comments are appreciated !!

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Postby mr_clean » Tue 18 Sep, 2007 15:54

two things can cause this talking to different installers.
1-the bottom has undergone some shifting and/or settling over the past few years and this has led to some wrinkling.
2-it is low pH that is responsible for the growth (expansion) of the liner. The low pH causes water to be absorbed into the vinyl.

people floating tabs can have this problem not checking chemicals weekly because pool looks fine. Tabs also can cause liner bleeching and alot of companies will void warranty when tabs have been used.

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