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pool liner

Postby ktjj » Fri 14 Apr, 2006 06:57

Hello i live in ontario and just took off the winter cover from my pool.The liner at the deep end looks like it has come away from the wall and folded on its self,the problem continues around the edge of the floor.It looks like the liner is still in its track.
should i continue to fill the pool and hopefully it will sort itself out or is there something else i should be doing?


Pool liner problem

Postby BobbyT » Fri 14 Apr, 2006 10:54

It sounds like the water table may have risen and pushed the liner up.

There is a recent pool discussion here on this topic.
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Postby hrsdennis » Tue 18 Apr, 2006 20:41

Sounds to me like the pool was left without water and the liner shrank. Fill in direct sunlight and you might get lucky.

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