winterizing dirty pool

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winterizing dirty pool

Postby jrs23 » Wed 19 Sep, 2007 13:43

Has anyone winterized a pool with lots of algae. My water leaked out and I don't want to fill,clean,drain. then winterize. I want to wait and fill next spring then clean.Thanks


Algae pool

Postby mismanagement » Sun 30 Sep, 2007 08:05

Hope someone's out there with an answer... i have the same problem.... can i close am algae pool?

Postby Guest » Sat 27 Oct, 2007 20:26

From what i have heard, you will run into a major mess when opening the pool if closed when it is dirty.

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Postby Ickle » Wed 07 Nov, 2007 10:59

you can indeed close a pool for winter whilst it is green, my suggestion would not to close it in such state if possible. But if needs much i would give it a high dose of Shock Chlorine, such as Cal Hypo, then leave system running for a few hours, turn system off cover pool, and 48hours later, add a long life algaecide

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