PUMP Surging..... help!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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PUMP Surging..... help!

Postby trac-loc » Thu 20 Sep, 2007 00:40

I am new to pools and to this forum, so be patient.

I was cleaning a lot of leaves out of the pool today and lost suction, like usual. I turned the pump off and cleaned the pump filter. I turned the pump back on and the water in the pump basket would only fill about half way and then surge through the pump and return lines. Then the water in the pump basket drops and slowly fills to half way up the basket before it surges again.

I used my Shop-Vac and blew the line out from the pump filter to the skimmer basket. It seems to be free (bubbling when the Shop-Vac) is turned on. I also blew it out in reverse (from the skimmer to the pump filter).

Again the pump just fills slowly and surges. Meanwhile, the return lines in the pool seem to gurgle and bubble with each surge.

I need help! Please and thank you.

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Postby mr_clean » Thu 20 Sep, 2007 08:55

if your still not sure if possible clog from skimmer to pump basket is gone, put a small plastic sandwich bag in skimmer hole and you should find it in basket.
I recomend checking your impeller, take off pump basket lid & remove basket. Then take your finger or small screw driver and put it in the small hole at the bottom, you should be able to turn the impeller. You probably have something in it.
You would be blowing air from return lines as your pump has been cavatating, only being able to fill pump basket have way with water and the rest air.

Netting a pool first at the bottom and then letting water settle 5mins before vacuuming will help stop future problems. Also a automatic pool cleaner that runs off suction of pump would be good to not have to vacuum much or at all.

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