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advice on liners and cove

Postby shopwithpt » Fri 14 Apr, 2006 08:28

We are getting ready to replace our above ground liner again (3rd time in 6 years!) - each winter we get tears in the liner from ice buildup. We patch and mega patch and then give up and get a new liner. Any suggestions as to what kind of liner to get? It is a Johnny Weismuller 27 round with beaded liner. Always seem to have trouble with the bead over the season too, even with liner lock.

This year when we replace the cover we are going to try to level out the downhill side of the pool - some supports are a bit lower than the uphill supports, probably because of the water leakage over the years. We also though we would get cove this time to ease the transition from wall to floor of pool, to see if that helps with the ice next winter. What do you think about using the cove.

Thanks for your help.



Postby Guest » Wed 10 May, 2006 22:05

Do you use a winter pillow ? They are designed to compress when the Ice forms. I've had the same liner for 15 years. Iv'e also used a large truck inner tube (even though it was not recommended.

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