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Future Pool Owner Questions

Postby Scooby » Tue 25 Sep, 2007 10:31

I live in the Northeast and will be putting a pool in for use May 2008. Which type of pool heater is best ..Nat. gas, propane, or heat pump off electric? My house does not currently have natural gas but the street I live on does. thanks

pool doctor

Postby pool doctor » Wed 26 Sep, 2007 14:04

here in central illinois, I sell more nat. gas than anything. That's because a heat pump is way more $$$ (but long term down the road they will save you some$$$). Any brand of regular heater can be purchased either nat. gas or propane, you just need to determine what BTU you want/need. The only dif between nat.gas and propane is just the oriface.

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