How to acid clean pebble sheen pools

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How to acid clean pebble sheen pools

Postby JE » Tue 25 Sep, 2007 20:30

Looking for the procedure to acid ckean a stain on a pebble sheen pool?


Postby Yorke » Tue 23 Sep, 2008 21:31

Take a long piece of PVC pipe (2" dia.), put the pipe in the water with the end a few inchs from the water, keeping part of the pipe above the water.

Very carefully pour Muriatic acid down the pipe, the acid is heavier than water and will flow down the pipe to the stain. You should see it working, letting sit on the stain for 30 seconds, then brush the stain.

How to acid clean pebble sheen pools

Postby Guest » Thu 02 Apr, 2009 01:22

Put dry acid in a sock and put it directly on the stain.

What kind of stain is it because sometimes you may need chlorine in place of the acid.

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