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remove return valve

Postby freddy » Thu 27 Sep, 2007 15:01

I've got a leak in an SP 22 for a return valve, and I need to get the lock nut off to replace it...however, when trying, the 'plastic ring' for lack of a better term, on the inside of the pool at the return valve, keeps turning...i've tried to stop it, but am stuck, can't do it....anyone know how? I've dug through the concrete, got everything ready to go, and apparently the SP 22 is a $6 part...but I can't get the old one off! help! thanks

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Postby Walter » Mon 08 Oct, 2007 09:06

Anyway to get a hacksaw blade onto it without damaging the rest? I have had to use a hacksaw blade broken in half to make it smaller and just wrapped some electrical tape around one end for a handle. Good Luck
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