Can't Remove Ladder and Hand Rails

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Can't Remove Ladder and Hand Rails

Postby depawl » Sat 29 Sep, 2007 07:00

I have a 16 x 32 inground. I have never been able to remove the ladder or hand rails for the steps. I have previously had to cut my winter cover to fit around them. I just bought a new winter cover and would like to not have to cut it. Try as I might, I can't get the ladder or rails out. Any suggestions?


pool cover

Postby sydneyfnp » Wed 09 Apr, 2008 19:32

we had a Loop Lock brand cover made when moved into our currrent house since we have small children and there were no safety features w/ our pool at all. The cover was actually MADE w/ buckles that went around/through our rails so no need to cut it. Not cheap, but no integrity issues w/ the cover either.

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