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Postby g » Sun 08 May, 2005 20:13

I have been running my pump for approx 24hrs. I did a backwash and now the pump is not circulating water. The motor sounds like it is running but it does not seem to be drawing any water.

Please help


Re: Pump

Postby guest » Mon 27 Jun, 2005 12:09

Sounds like your pump has lost prime. Depending on the height of you pump over water level and other equipment between the pump and the pool re-priming can be very simple or quite difficult. I'll assume your pump is a typical ground installation only 5-14in above the water level with nothing in the line. Make sure water level is good and if you have a automatic vacuum it is disconnected and water flow is at lest 75% at the skimmer. Remove the pump strainer basket lid assure gasket is good, use a gasket lube as recommended by pump manufacturer. Make sure basket is clean then using a garden hose or a large bucket of water as quickly as you can fill the basket replace the lid and turn on the pump. Your pump should now be primed and pumping water. Remember to bleed the filter of air. One tip to make your pump last longer never let it run for longer than 5-10 min with out water.

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