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Jandy heat pumps

Postby Peanut » Fri 14 Apr, 2006 19:05

I'm shopping for a heat pump for my inground pool. It holds about 29,000 gallons.

Does anyone have experience with the Jandy line of heat pumps? I'm looking at the AE-2500t, which is rated at 115,000 Btus.

Further, does anyone have experience with poolheatpumpsDOTcom? The prices seem reasonable but I can't find any independent reviews on customer satisfaction.




Pool heat pumps

Postby Gordy » Sat 15 Apr, 2006 18:40

The BBB have no records for that company. Call their toll-free and see what gives.
Dennis Oldgeezer

Pool Heating

Postby Dennis Oldgeezer » Mon 17 Apr, 2006 12:28

Please review poolheater and email any questions

Jandy is a quality piece of equipment however I prefer AQUACAL

The vendor you refer to generally recommends the " heater of the day " that offers him a rebate and therefor the greatest profit, in fact because of this less than desirable tactic atleast one manufacturer will not do business with him. He also is misleading as to where his business is located. He has phone numbers to appear to be located in Florida but he is not

I offer a BEST PRICE GUARANTEE any brand, make or model

Thank you

Dennis Oldgeezer

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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The way to go is aquacal..

Postby momofthreewpool » Tue 20 Mar, 2007 13:09

AquaCal is a very nice heat pump, and i agree with Dennis, the heat pump of the day is not the way to go, you want to do your research before you buy. I always recommend calling companies first, and seeing what they know, seeing what they recommend if they are just reading from a sheet or the same thing you see online, then you could be asking for it later as the company might be just a fly by night company. Or you could be buying old equipment. We put in an aquacal last year, and it has been nothing but fantastic for us. We live in the Miami area, and our bill has been averaging about 50 dollars to run it, and keep the pool at temparture, we got the H155 Heatwave model. We are very happy with it and it looks as though there are some really good sales online with them.
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