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solar panels

Postby jenna » Wed 03 Oct, 2007 12:49

I wanted to know if sunfire panels really are better than fafco ? Also how much should 7 panels with install and the blanket cost?




Solar Panels

Postby SunnyDay » Thu 21 Feb, 2008 11:17

I have estimates from $ 1500-5700 to install panels. I would ask people from around your area using solar panels. I would ask them their experiences with the installing company, and product performance. Beware of the cheap $700-2000 estimates they are cutting cost or using the typical low ball bids to get you to sign up, too find out later you need twice as much as they originally quoted you.

And keep in mind your installing this on your roof you don't want a cheep roll out plastic apparatus on your roof.

Think about it this way, all manufactures are experts on their products. They build in the cost of materials and production of their panels. So they definitely understand how much their solar panels are worth. I hope this helps you when deciding.

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