Pebble Sheen Discoloration

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Tim Whitten

Pebble Sheen Discoloration

Postby Tim Whitten » Thu 04 Oct, 2007 11:39

Our pool was installed a little over a year ago with a black pebble sheen. There are places in the finish that are turning grey. It is starting to become streaked. We also have pop-up cleaners in the pool, however the streaking does not seem to be directly associated with the pop ups. What do we need to do to get the sheen back? Thanks for any suggestions. :(

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Postby mr_clean » Thu 04 Oct, 2007 14:52

Did your builder tell you what the chemical readings should be at for this kind of pool? Did they warn you about black sheen pools getting staining if chemicals are not correct?
The ones I have talked to state PH should be between 7.4 & 7.6
TA should be 80-120 & CH should be 200-400

They say based on your water source, you may need to add "muriatic acid" to your new pool 2 to 3 times per week during the first month. After 30 days, the pool should be checked 1 to 2 times per week and adjusted accordingly. If your finish is a darker color, in particular black, it is even more important that you follow these instructions. Do not chlorinate your pool until water is filtered and pH and alkalinity are acceptable. Chlorine is highly reactive and can cause metals or minerals to precipitate (cloud water, scale and/or stain).

So maintaining PH/TA/CH and using a sequestering agent/metal remover should help fix problem. Lowering PH to 7.2 should help gray area go away. Using sequestering agent as preventative after first bottle will be needed.

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