Top step too shallow

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Top step too shallow

Postby DanaB » Fri 05 Oct, 2007 19:24

Ok - we have had so many problems but the one of the day is that our PB didn't install an overflow valve and we had to have one installed to keep the pool from flooding the house - which has now made for an even bigger problem - our top step (gunite pool) has always been too shallow - we were so excited at first we didn't care and just added water everyday - well in order to have the overflow valve installed - the pool level had to be dropped several inches which exposed the entire top and half of the riser of the plaster stair UGLY - The new pool guy said he would just tile the top step with the same time we have at waterline - now the tile looks ok but the edges and corners are SHARP and could potentially cut your legs if sitting on the top step - and they are very slippery - our pool is salt water and it does tend to make surfaces more slippery - so now we are stuck with a poorly tiled top step and no idea what to do now. Any suggestions?

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Postby Walter » Mon 08 Oct, 2007 08:50

they should have used a bullnose tile on the edges.
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