Closing Instructions and Diagram

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Closing Instructions and Diagram

Postby dogette » Sun 07 Oct, 2007 09:57

Hi...Im getting ready to attempt closing my inground 20x40 inground pool. I have found step by step instructions on the web but no diagrams to go with them.

I pretty much understand what I need to do but not sure on the locations on where I blow the air into the valves/pipes, Which vales should be open and then which ones I should close and at what time...get what Im saying? Also, what about the main drain. Blow out the drain then shut the Jandy valve off?? I have Jandy valves on my pump/filter (I think of 6 of them) and am not sure which way they need to be turned during the closing process. I know just enough to be dangerous!

FYI.....I can use either a shop vac or compressor. I do have the plugs with valve stems too. I lower my water approx. 4-6 inches below tile line. That makes the skimmer free from water but the 2 return jets are still under water.

Please respond if you can. Im sure there are alot of people with the same questions!


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