Pentair, Hayward or Jandy

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Pentair, Hayward or Jandy

Postby alanarn » Wed 10 Oct, 2007 16:40

Which system should I use? What seems to be the best for the money any thoughts?


What system

Postby User2008 » Mon 10 Mar, 2008 17:23

When shopping for a pool heater do your homework. Gas heaters are great for the big temp boost when you need them but watch out for that huge utility bill that is soon to follow. Gas heaters are very expensive to operate so don't get caught up in the grand illusion of cheaper initial cost. Keep in mind a gas and propane heaters have a short life span. Example gas heaters may give you up to 5-6 years before they become a mechanical service nightmare. That to me is a poor investment for something that runs maybe 3-4 months a year for 5-6 years. and don't forget if you actually want to use it the cost of operation may set you back as much as $300-400 a month.

I would look longer lasting cheaper/free operating pool heaters like heat pumps or solar.
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Postby muss08 » Fri 14 Mar, 2008 18:07

I agree that gas fired heaters cost a lot to operate. They are not very efficient. However, if taken care of a gas heater can last for 10+ years. They do work much faster than heat pumps or solar and are ideal in areas where the swimming season is short (colder climates). Heat pumps are very efficient, sometimes over 100%, but usually will not operate when the ambient air temp. is below 60 degrees so if you want your pool open in the early spring or late fall these arent for you.

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