underground leak

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underground leak

Postby susie » Fri 12 Oct, 2007 10:50

I have a new pool, filled with water 3 weeks ago. Pool absoluteley perfect except I am concerned by the water level which seems to be dropping. Guess/know there is a small leak in the underground pipes but the problem is that it all is backfilled and patio laid. Does anyone know of a product that can be put into the pipe work via the skimmers for example to seal small leaks like this. I have been told that it will seal itself over a period of a few months with buildup of calcaire etc but would really like to sort this out before it is closed up for the winter.


Postby Guest » Tue 16 Oct, 2007 21:18

It might work for while or may not .

If it is plumbing leak , no choice but to physicaly fix it. You need to have it pressurize the plumbing to see if holds pressure & isolated.

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