auto chlorinator setup help

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auto chlorinator setup help

Postby squish24 » Sat 15 Apr, 2006 15:42

Before the temperature stayed consistently above freezing, I had a pool company come out and do some service work. Due to tha fact that the pump was shut off and the temperature was dropping below freezing at night, they decided to drain the pump and disconnect the auto feeder. Now I am wanting to reconnect, but the old homeowners did not leave any manuals on where to reconnect the small hoses from the feeder. Any help? Thanks.

Pool Helper

Chlorine feeder help

Postby Pool Helper » Sat 15 Apr, 2006 18:35

Connect the feeder inlet to the nipple/junction after the pump (between pump and filter), and the outlet to the nipple/junction on the return line after the filter.

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