Annoying armadillo bugs (woodlice)

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Annoying armadillo bugs (woodlice)

Postby sparkwatercleaner » Tue 23 Oct, 2007 18:56

Hi there!
My first language is Spanish so I don't actually know which name is more used, armadillo bugs, woodlice or ball bugs. Here is the article on wikipedia if you don't know what I'm talking about.

These little and seemingly harmless bugs are getting into my pool in really BIG quantities!!! Apparently, they are attracted by the wet and dark gap thet is between the pool walls and the tiles. Eventually, they fall into the pool.
They turn out to be really annoying as they make me vacuum the bottom of the pool every 2 days!!! If not, the bottom gets infested and my family won't swim on it!!!

So, what should I do? Is there any way of getting rid of them? Any suggestions? Is there an insecticide to treat this problem???


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