No chlorine in pool.. Can I swim

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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No chlorine in pool.. Can I swim

Postby ro8821 » Sun 16 Apr, 2006 12:17

Hi, We just installed a salt system pool. When we test the water, it says we have no chlorinein it.. Can we still go swimming in the water, or will it cause any damage?


No chlorine help

Postby troy » Mon 17 Apr, 2006 01:49

The pool water needs chlorine - to kill the algea, bacteria and viruses. Swimming will not damage the pool or the chlorine generator. If the fill water was good, you can swim quite safely.

Try turning up the chlorine generation until you start seeing the recommended chlorine levels.

Postby Wanda323 » Mon 17 Apr, 2006 10:15

What kind of pool did you have installed? We had a 24 foot above ground installed last Monday and I can't get a good reading on the chlorine either, I added all the chemcials it was suppose to have. I did let the kids swim in it and it didn't seem to hurt anything. Pool school doesn't start till next Saturday so I am praying it doesn't get alge or anything else till I can learn how to maintain the pool. So far I have 88 questions to ask in pool school LOL. The people that installed my pool left me in such a mess too, it has costed me 300.00 to get my backyard rid of the access dirt, leveled and back to normal and there are buckles in the liner and wrinkles in the bottom of the pool!!!!!!!!! I guess they seen this old woman coming from a mile away!!

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