Softwater in pool on accident

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Softwater in pool on accident

Postby StormGod » Thu 01 Nov, 2007 19:57

I have heard that soft water is bad for the pool, however, I just built a pool in my back yard after buying a new home and come to find out that the outside lines of my house is hooked up to my water softner, which is discouraging due to the fact that I had asked for this feature and was told they couldnt do it. Now I find out after filling up my pool that he did it and now I have a brand new pool (salt water system) that is full of filtered water.

What should I do? Empty and start over with standard water?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Postby muss08 » Sat 08 Mar, 2008 17:05

Just increase the calcium level in your water by adding calcium carbonate. Follow the manufacturer's instructions but this is all you have to do.

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