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Main Drain

Postby JerryJ » Sun 16 Apr, 2006 18:39

I have not been getting any water to circulate from my main drains....I therefore removed the covers and found two hex plugs in the main drains (one hex plug under each main drain cover). I now do not know which plug is the hydro-static valve and which plug is the one to remove so I can be able to suck water from the main drain. Any suggestions on how to determine which plug is the hydro-static plug and which is the plug for the main drain line? Both hex plugs are identical. Currently, the only circulation I receive is from my skimmers....when I try to suck water through the main drains the pump cavitates and only suck air....thus resulting in my removing the main drain covers and discovering the two hex plugs. Any help on determining which hex plug is for the main drain would be appreciated. Thanks,


Pool main drain

Postby josh » Tue 18 Apr, 2006 01:35

Try contact the people who built the pool.

You could remove one, check it and if wrong try the other. This would mean some underwater antics.

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