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Pool contract

Postby 426m » Fri 09 Nov, 2007 07:11

My first Pool is being built, mostly going ok but have had a few problems with builder, now I am concerned about something. My contract reads that my final payment is due when plaster is applied which happened today. Is this normal in pool building?? The pool still needs alot to finish it out.

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Pool Enthusiast
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Postby Eric » Fri 09 Nov, 2007 10:53

It's normal in construction to allow for a hold-back, typically 2-5% of the total cost. You are not required to pay this until the project is completed. This give you the leverage to ensure that everything is completed to your satisfaction. Check your contract carefully and see if a hold-back is allowed.

If a hold-back isn't in your contract, ask the contractor if he would allow a 5% hold-back until project completion.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby tvn375 » Fri 09 Nov, 2007 15:04

Yes, its normal. Who is your builder? I just have mine done about 6 weeks

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