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pool resurfacing

Postby JLWSLC » Sun 11 Nov, 2007 03:33

My pool is 9 years old and is a gumite pool, the surface is blistering and pitting, also some places have chipped away, I had a company come out and are very expensive to resurface, I want to do it myself but do not know the proper steps to resurface or the right or best material to use, I know I need to wash it with sodium phosphate and then acid wash it probably but what steps do I use to resurface it and what product should I use to resurface it, also what kind of prep work should I do before I resurface it.
Thank you in advance for any and all advice you can gove me


Postby Guest » Wed 14 Nov, 2007 08:55

replaster (if that is what you are planning on doing) would be impossible for you to do yourself. get some more estimates

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