Too much algecide in pool

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Too much algecide in pool

Postby » Mon 17 Apr, 2006 17:54

My elderly uncle put 4 times the amount of algaeguard 10 as needed is there a way to nutralize it.


Algeacide problem

Postby Pooll » Tue 18 Apr, 2006 01:48

Just wait it out. You can neutralize chlorine but algeacides are made up of a variety of molecules, so knowing which one your algeacide uses and how to neutralize is extremely complex.

The algeacide will burn itself out in a week or two. You may have some water foaming in the interim. Algeacides are usually not too harmful so you should be okay.

I tried the Pool Wizard last year and I'm sold on it. No algeacides and definitely no algea. I hardly use any chlorine either.

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