Paddock left me with uneven stairs in my pool

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Paddock left me with uneven stairs in my pool

Postby RickD's » Mon 12 Nov, 2007 17:23

I recently bought an inventory home and Paddock was my builders preferred pool provider.

Just after they sprayed the gunite i noticed that the stairs into the pool was not symmetrical. The first step into the pool was a 12" drop to the second step, the second step was then another 12" drop to the third step and the third step is 6" to the floor of the pool, in my opinion the first and second landing is a pretty steep drop.

Does anyone know what is a typical stair descent, is there any codes for pool steps into 3 foot of water and if I have grounds to fight this?


Postby Guest » Wed 14 Nov, 2007 08:57

if you don't like the size of the steps you should have them com back out and reshoot them.

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