"mystery" leak

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"mystery" leak

Postby bryan » Thu 15 Nov, 2007 17:29

We closed our pool weekend before last, and last weekend I noticed that the ground on the backside (downward slope) of the pool is saturated. I'm assuming there is a leak somewhere in the bottom of the liner, although I haven't taken the cover off to inspect it. I did stick the submersible pump into the pool to try to drain much of the water since my neighbor is complaining that I am flooding his flower garden. I'm guessing I'll have to repair the liner with a patch, or replace it since it is stained anyway. Will the pool frame be okay over the winter without water in it, or should I patch the liner and partially refill it (if I'm putting a new liner in)? Or should I go ahead and put the new liner in now and let it sit all winter? Thanks for any advice!

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