Closing an Inground Pool, late

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Illinois Inground
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Closing an Inground Pool, late

Postby Illinois Inground » Sun 18 Nov, 2007 11:54

I know it crazy but we are attempting to keep our pool open until after Thanksgiving. We are going to have a pool party Thanksgiving get-together. Nuts, I know. (The pool is heated to 85 dgrees and the outside temp is already dipping below freezing here at night)
Since we are keeping it open so late I have decided ot close it myself instead of using pool maintenance service that has done it in the past. (plus he irritates me)

FYI, I have searched the forum exhaustively and can't find the answers I need.

I get the main idea that I need to get the water out of everything and replace it with antifreeze where applicable.

What I don't know:

1) What do I do with the main drain? There is only one and it is in the deep end of the pool. (approx 6')

2) Will the pump be harmed if I leave it out? I read it is best to bring it inside but it would be a pain cause it is hardwired. Should I put antifreeze in it?

3) There is a cylindrical float that goes in the skimmer to keep ice from expanding and cracking it. Do I need to add antifreeze there too?

4) Do I try to put antifreeze in the heater?

I know there are more questions I just can't think of any right now.

I am starting to think I shouldn't do this because of the possiblity of some underground pvc getting cracked and the expensive repairs that would cause but I need to do it sooner or later. I can't keep paying $400 bucks for someone else t0 do it. Plus the guy is lazy and just leaves stuff laying all over and dismantled when he is done. I found my filter cartridges frozen behind a bush. I figure if I have to clean up after him I might as well do the whole thing.

Is there a site that give the procedure for closing an inground?

Thanks in advance for any advice/help!

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Pool Enthusiast
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Postby Eric » Mon 19 Nov, 2007 09:32

I suggest looking at troublefreepool dot com/viewtopic dot php?t=2896. This is a sticky giving instructions for closing an in ground pool. I followed these instructions when I closed my pool two weeks ago and it seemed to work well. (I'll find out in the spring how well!)

Postby Guest » Sat 24 Nov, 2007 12:15

That is what I was looking for, exactly!!


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