New Salt Pool getting finished.

Adding chemicals, vacuuming, backwashing,
brushing, filter care, filter cleaning, replacing
worn or broken pool parts
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New Salt Pool getting finished.

Postby iggy » Tue 04 Dec, 2007 16:08

I have a new 11,000 gal inground concrete pool being finished. I have Hayward filters, 1 1/2 hp pump, Goldline Salt cell, Paramount infloor cleaning system.

My question is what is the best time to run your pump and salt cell?

I have heard from day time, Noon, night time, evenings and early morning.

I live in Arizona so it stay warm all day and night during the summer.

Knowing this information what if your educated opinion?



Inground Salt pool, 12,000 gal
Jandy CL460 filter and 1 1/2hp sleath pump
Goldline Clorine Generator
Paramount infloor cleaning system
Hayward Cool Logic 2.5 LED Light with 12 program settings
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Postby all4him » Fri 07 Dec, 2007 08:08

I live in South Texas where it stay's pretty warm day and night as well through out the summer. I have a simular sytem set up and her is what I have been told to do by Leslie's Pool supply.

They advise to run your system up to 12 hours in a 24 hour period. I run mine 10m and it seems to work well.

I run mine from 11 am to 5 pm in the daytime and from 1am to 5 am at night. I also run my salt generator at 50% to maintain clorine levels.
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Postby mr_clean » Sun 09 Dec, 2007 00:12

when to run your pool & how to run it is really up to you.

having your chemicals in good balance will help you keep your run time lower with pool. Goldline does recommend that you keep your CYA level at 80ppm so the chlorine it does make is protected by CYA & will allow you to have generator set at a lower level so cell will last longer.

some people run pool with generator set high so they run pool less hours, & some with generator set lower & run longer.

RE when to run system

Postby Guest » Mon 14 Jan, 2008 22:26

25 years experience here:

Run the sytem during the day between 10-12 hours. #1 reason for chlorine loss?-Sunlight. #2 Bather load (sweat,urine bugs etc). #3 Not running the system during the day when the Sun is out and shining down on your pool thus lowering chlorine levels.
RUN it in the Daytime!

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