Can't find the leak!

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Can't find the leak!

Postby MLhere66 » Tue 11 Dec, 2007 11:48

Please help - this is the second season for our 12x24 above ground pool. I lost about 1-2 inches in a 24 hour period. I scanned the bottom and could not find any holes. There is no sign of water or wetness anywhere outside of the pool. The water finally stopped going down but still no sign of a hole above the water level. I pulled the stone away from the outside and guess what! no water. I had a pool guy come out and he said he saw no problem in the obvious places.
Would it be possible to patch the entire pool at the present water level, sort of like a border????
Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated!


Cant find the leak

Postby LadyV » Sat 05 Apr, 2008 21:53

: :) Hey, I find my leak by using some red food coloring and as it disapeared the clear area was where the leak was. It usually makes a stream of color as the leak pulls it but this one was so big all it did was clear up in that area only. Good luck.

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