Breaking return lines

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Breaking return lines

Postby Kruiser » Sun 16 Dec, 2007 12:07

Hello, thanks for having this forum. I need some advice please. I have a pool that is only 15 months old. In the first month, the pool broke a 45 degree fitting in the top pool return line. It was left like that for approx. 6 months and leaked off a conciderable amount of water in that time frame. The pool builder kept insisting that the concrete raising around the pool was caused by expansive soil and that the water level dropping was a normal occurrance. Granted, we live in an area where our soil is clay and this could have been the case, but as it got worse, it became obvious that there was a pool leak. Now, in to the 15th month, a top return has broken again, but in a different place. Can this be caused by the earth moving? Or, could it be due to too much pressure from the pump (I have a booster pump as well)?

If I ran my water feature constantly when the pumps are running, could this help take the pressure off of my return lines?

Any advice you can give would certainly be very appreciated!!

Thanks again!

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