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painted plaster pool help

Postby clueless » Tue 18 Apr, 2006 21:37

We purchased this home 5 years ago. We were told that the pool was a gunite pool which had obviously been painted. Two years ago, we had the pool repainted because the paint had disintegrated and was coming off on us when we got in the pool.

It is now time to resurface the pool again because the paint is peeling off in large strips. We have decided to sandblast the paint off and just plaster the surface. However, when we had a contractor out, we discovered that it is a fiberglass pool (not Gunite) that has been painted.

What are my options? The contractor says to go ahead and sandblast and plaster. Is this a good idea for a fiberglass pool?


Plaster fiberglass pool

Postby Rodge » Fri 21 Apr, 2006 19:02

Never heard it done. The plaster will never adhere properly to the fiberglass pool nad instead of peeling, you will end up with initial cracking followed by chunks falling until there is no plaster left on the walls.

Think about resurfacing the swimming pool with fiberglass. It will be stronger, more durable and lasts much longer than plaster (in a gunite/ shotcrete pool, not a glass one).

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