Question about flow rate, pipe, and pump

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Question about flow rate, pipe, and pump

Postby amor1964 » Fri 21 Dec, 2007 16:29

Thanks in advance for any help.
I am wanting to add 4 "spitters" to a brick wall that borders pool.
I have a Hayward power flo that now is just used to filter leaves. I would like to use this pump to supply the spitters but here's the question:
The hayward is plumbed with 1 1/2 intake. Iwant to split the 1 1/2 discharge to four 1/2 spitters. I am no engineer,but I realize that the calculations are not logical. Meaning that I have been told that the flow of water thru a 1" pvc does equal the total of flow thru 2-1/2" pipes. The max flow thru 1 1/2 is about 44 GPM, if I split that(discharge) flow into four 1/2's what would the total flow be? more? less?

Thank you!

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