Very noisy Onga LTP400 Pump

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Very noisy Onga LTP400 Pump

Postby colinw » Mon 31 Dec, 2007 23:07

Happy New Year!

I have just replaced the pump and filter on my 20,000 litre above ground pool. The new system is a Zodiac cartridge filter with a 1/2HP Onga Leisuretime LTP400 pump.

The problem I have is that the pump gets very noisy - loud buzzing noise - when the pressure in the system rises much above 60kPa. As the filter gets dirtier and the pressure rises above 80 the noise becomes quite objectionable and carries for a long distance.

The max rated pressure for the cartridge filter is 150kPa, and the max working pressure for the pump is 175kPa. I am running at nowhere near these values.

I experimented and turned on the system with the cartridge out, so it was running at about 40 kPa. At that pressure the pump purrs almost silently with no buzzing noise at all. Blocking the outflow into the pool with my hand shows that as the pressure goes above 60kPa the pump gets increasingly noisy.

Does anyone on here have experience with these Onga LTP series pumps? Is this noise normal, or do I have a defective unit?


I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby LGT » Fri 04 Jan, 2008 00:07


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Noisy pump

Postby Poolz » Fri 04 Jan, 2008 05:25

I think the buzzing is a problem with the motor rather than the pump.

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