Easy way to add bulk pool salt without possible staining

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Easy way to add bulk pool salt without possible staining

Postby iggy » Sun 06 Jan, 2008 22:15

I have heard folks talk about some plater staining in their pool after adding a large amount of pool salt. One guys has a reasonable solution when adding a large amount (40lb bag or more)

"I have a 5-gallon bucket that I drilled a bunch of holes in, which I can put in the whole 40# of salt and drop into the center of my pool (with a concrete block over the top to keep it from floating). All the salt is dissolved in less than an hour and the bucket keeps it from staining my plaster."

Just another good idea! 8)

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Something different

Postby DKaz » Sat 12 Jan, 2008 07:39

I use pellets, like those for water softeners. They are much less expensive than "pool salt" which seems to be marked up a lot for the pool market.

I add it to my skimmer a basket at a time so that it goes into the filter to dissolve completely prior to entering the pool.

WARNING: You MUST turn off your electronic chlorinator prior to this operation or you will burn it out!

I usually leave the chlorinator deactivated for a night so the levels can equalize, then turn it on in the morning.

Good luck!


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