Hayward Star Clear Plus broken nut bottom of filter

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Hayward Star Clear Plus broken nut bottom of filter

Postby DKaz » Fri 11 Jan, 2008 13:38

Hi, all,
First time using the forum. I'm in Broward, Florida. I have a Hayward "Star Clear Plus 1900" cartridge filter that has a broken threaded nut in the bottom of the fiberglass body -- it attaches to the bar that holds the top half of the filter on via a rod through the center of the filter.

See brochure w/ diagram here: www(dot)haywardnet(dot)com(forward slash)pdfs(forward slash)StarClearPlus(dash)05(dot)pdf

Any ideas on how to fix this, or am I stuck buying a whole new filter?
All ideas would be welcome. I can't even find the model filter in the Hayward Brochure--only goes up to 1750 in size. Maybe I have to replace it w/ the smaller model?

Thanks in advance,


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