pool liner and digging out deeper

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pool liner and digging out deeper

Postby LadyGamer » Fri 21 Apr, 2006 21:48

Hello. We have a 18' round pool, with a 42" inch wall. We dug it out to 48" in the center . We need to replace the liner because of damage during the winter, and thought we may like to dig it down another 6 inches or so. My question is....what size liner can I use. Keep in mind that the WALLS are only 42" tall and it is dished out currently in the center to approx. 48"......We have a 48" liner in now, and there is lots of extra material.....so can we still use a 48" liner, or should we get a 52" just to be on the safe side? Thanks for your help

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Postby hrsdennis » Fri 21 Apr, 2006 23:03

Hi, Most all of the overlap liners fit 48" to 52". One of those should work just fine.

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