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Foaming bubbly water. Frogs in the pool.
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Postby Guest » Wed 18 May, 2005 08:44

I am having the same problam that you are. Its like the filter is not filtering. I am working with the V.P. of Zeobrite to see if he can help me. When I find out what is wrong I will let you know. One sugestion though. You may have channeling in your filter. This happens when the sand gets a channel in it and all the water shoots through the channel instead of through the filter media. I recomend changing the sand in your filter to a ZEOBRITE filter media and you should fet better results. How long has it been since you have changed the sand? Let me know. My e-mail address is [email protected]


Postby Guest » Wed 18 May, 2005 13:56

Definitely sounds like you have a filtration problem. Are you using sand, DE, or cartridge? You prolly need to backwash/clean filter and check valve closure/operation. You might need to change filter media if you haven't done so the last year or 2.

dirt cloud

Postby farmwitch » Wed 25 May, 2005 15:47

Check to see if the top of the filter is on correctly. If it is not lined up right you could be bypassing the filter, even though you have the handle on filter. I did this once, just had to remove and turn the handle part around to line up. Check where the bolts go, one should be flat and the rest are rounded. Line up the two flat section together and then replace the bots.

Sorry if this is confusing. It is hard to explain.
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Postby sheila » Mon 27 Jun, 2005 21:22

Hi! I usually just vaccum to waste. I have green water now and I'm trying to beat it..not so much luck. we have tons of sun and heat lately which is not helping. I also have a cartiage filter replacing it tomorrow. I had a ton of black stuff shoot back last year until I shocked the crap out of it!! :lol: What I learned is vaccum to waste if you have nasty water add fresh water and shock the crap out of it. level at least 10 until gone algaecide too! Good luck we all need it! :twisted:pools!!

Postby Guest » Sat 09 Jul, 2005 07:31

After you vaccum you have to back wash it. And if you have a rinse cycle switch it to rinse also. You have to shut it off in between changing it. If you don't backwash that dirt out until the water is clean(which is about 2 minutes) then yes it will come back into the pool.
1. Vaccum
2. Turn the pump off
3. Turn to backwash
4. Turn pump back on
5. Backwash for 2 minutes
6. Turn off pump
7. Turn back to filtration
8. Turn pump back on
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add on to last reply

Postby Gov » Sat 09 Jul, 2005 09:32

7. Turn to Pump to Waste for 10 seconds.
8. Turn off Pump.
9. Turn back to Filtration.
10. Turn Pump back on.

This will stop a cloud of dirt from shooting back into your pool...

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