Pool Surface Trade-offs/Pending Decision

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Pool Surface Trade-offs/Pending Decision

Postby Brad » Sat 22 Apr, 2006 15:00


I'm about to have a new gunite pool surfaced. From what I can gather plaster is a good choice if white is the color, as several people have said colored plaster (ie black bottom pool color) is prone to streaking even after a few years, due pool cleaning equipment, etc.

So for a colored finish (ie: tahoe blue) I'm inclined to use pebble tech or pebble sheen, for a smoother surface.

What is the difference betwen the two surfaces ? Can I expect the same life from either finish relative to a plaster finish ? Are either pebble tech or pebble sheen more prone to algae growth due to the surface texture ?

Also are they as easy to maintain as a plaster finish ?

Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.



Any inputs

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