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Another new pool owner question

Postby Guest » Sat 22 Apr, 2006 21:12

Here we go again folks. Bought house last November with above ground pool that looks like it was properly closed. About 5300 gallons (15' circumference and about 4' deep.) It had a good tarp on top but no pillow. Pump (sand type) was moved into shed.

O.k. couple of questions:

- pool is still about 3/4 full. Do I have to drain the water at all or can I just refill it? (Side note: my area will be under water restrictions starting May 3rd due to a water main won't be fixed until Sept. 1st :evil: ) Also, there are some leaves in the pool that I know will have to be removed.

- I have seen a lot of posts and some discussion over time a pump needs to run. Any clear theory on this? We are getting a nice 72% rate hike from our electrical supplier July 1st. :evil: :evil: :evil:

Pool Helper

Pool opening help

Postby Pool Helper » Tue 25 Apr, 2006 15:45

If the pool was winterized and the water relatively clean, you can top the pool up. Remember to shock the pool though.

Pump run time depends on the volume of the pool and the capacity of the pump. The pump should turn the whole pool over at least one and a half times, preferably not less than twice every day. Here's how to work out the time needed:
5,300 gallons / 60 minutes / pump flow rate (gpm) = hours taken to turn over your pool water once.
Work out 1.5 and 2 times this value and make a decision.

You could keep the run time lower in the spring and fall, and increase it in the hot weather. The accepted average is 8-12 hours a day for home pools.

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